About Us

Our Mission

Strengthening, Encouraging and supporting one another and fulfilling Gods plan and purpose. Birthing the Gifts of God within us. Empowering Leaders, families, nations and communities through prayers, love, one accord and unity. Working in love and faith beyond differences of denominations, relation and nationalities.

Our Vision

For the Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power. (1 Corithians 4:20) Enlightening the eyes of people with truth, bringing them out of darkness to light, empowering them by maximizing their God given Potential. (Acts 26: 18) Transforming them spiritually, physically, economically, and socially.

Conferences - Annual

A 3 day Shut in for prayers.
The gathering of the saints calling down the Fire and the Rain. Atmosphere of miracle, healing, deliverance and birth of Gifts

Prayer Breakfast

Vessel of Honor members meets once a month for prayers; networking and empowerment.


Mentoring men and women who desires to grow in the Lord. Attend trainings and are certified.


  • Orphanage and WidowsSponsored by the members.
  • Business/LeadershipSkills and talents are sharpened for success in training.
  • Girls and Boys mentoringImproving their skills and talents toward the work of God.
  • ChaplainTrained released and certified to serve in shelters, hospitals.
  • Prison MinistryTrained and released for service

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