The Apostle

The Apostle

My History

“Young men shall see visions”….Joel 2:2.

This supernatural insight and unfold of a divine plan of God happen to me from the age of 5 years.

Dorothy Nanga - My History

Every 5pm or rather evening when the sun starts coming down I start to sing a play song “keep time forward” I start marching like a soldier then I lie down beside the road and suddenly a line of old and young men and women in chains on their feet and bars of iron around their neck beaten dragged in agony and pain match on as shaves to an unknown destination.

Compassion fell on me but I did not know how to help. I watch quietly until, they vanished. This vision continues until I was nine years old. I explained to my mother and family members, but no one knew what to do. Family members and friends called me the dreamer, l for was always dreaming and calling on people to give them the interpretations. Growing up, as a Catholic, studied the bible for 5 years in college, but was very inquisitive to search conceal matters.

Dorothy Nanga

Apostle Dorothy Nanga founder and president of Power of the highest International ministries. A voice to the nation, rebuilding and reconstructing of the broken love covenant, ambassador of peace, life coach, author, and empowerment speaker. Apostle Nanga has a driven passion to see the chosen and the next generation empowered and awaken their god ordained destiny. Reviving the church with an unusual faith, releasing a radical anointing in the glory zone.

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